By: Ujan Chakraborty

Dwayne Johnson Made WWE Stars Upset With Hidden Notes on His Wrist

Image Credit: WWE

Natalya, a star of WWE SmackDown, recently revealed that John Cena and The Rock were actually getting physical backstage after she called him out for writing promotional messages on his wrist.

"I was at the backstage during that time, and I remember the real tension. They can't even talk to each other and be in the same room," Natalya said.

The Leader of the Cenation and The Brahma Bull engaged in a bitter feud in 2012 because of personal conflict. The Rock returned to Monday Night RAW on February 27, 2012, where Cena challenged him. 

While they battled, Cena called out Dwayne for having promotional notes scribbled on his wrist, as someone had told him that The Rock had notes on his wrist before heading towards the ring.

"90 seconds before my music hit, someone said, 'I think Rock has something written on his wrist.' I was shocked because that's not allowed," Cena said recently in an interview.

The Rock felt "violated" by Cena's decision to call him out about it on live television, which was a violation of their trust. There was a distance that was forming as a result of his actions.

The Rock and John Cena battled in the "Once in a Lifetime" match at WrestleMania 28 after feuding for more than a year. Cena tried his best, but The Brahma Bull won.

The same year, in April, they face each other once again for the WWE Championship. However, Cena defeated Dwayne and won the title, ending their rivalry.

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