⁩Dwayne Johnson Forcing DC to Focus More on Black Adam Than Henry Cavill’s Superman

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: Twitter

Dwayne Johnson's latest superhero film Black Adam was a huge success at the box office as it collected around 250 million dollars.

Dwayne Johnson who's making his debut in the DCEU franchise was a huge factor in the success behind the film's success.

Henry Cavill also made his return to the DCEU after making a cameo appearance in the film as the iconic superhero Superman.

There are several reports coming out that the new co-CEOs of the DC studios are interested in focusing more on Superman than Black Adam.

James Gunn since taking over as the CEO has openly admitted that he would like to take the franchise forward by giving more importance and focus to Superman.

Dwayne Johnson according to reports is against Gunn's decision and he feels that Black Adam should be given more importance in the famous franchise.

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Dwayne Johnson had played a role in bringing Henry Cavill back to the DCEU to play Superman and now it looks like that move could affect his character's future.

The ultimate plan for James Gunn is to do a Suicide Squad vs Justice League storyline in the future. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see what the rejuvenated DCEU has in store for them.

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