Does LeBron James' daughter play basketball?

By: Anannya Mitra Image credit: NBA and Twitter

LeBron James is one of the most influential players in the NBA. His power prowess and resilience is well known to the world. So, fans expect his kids to follow his footsteps and become as great as him. 

Bronny James, LeBron's 19 year old son, took after his dad and is now devoted to basketball. Bryce, LeBron's 16 year old son, is most anticipated to devote himself to basketball too. He currently plays at Notre Dame High School in LA.

But Zhuri James, LeBron's 8 year old daughter, chose a completely different path and is pursuing volleyball. Recently, LeBron cheered her up while playing, serving in order to score a point. He was over the moon seeing his “little munchkin” play.

LeBron uploaded a video of his eight-year-old girl preparing to defend during the game. He cheered “Let's go Munchkin”, while she shot back a dramatic glance, which felt like she was a little embarassed.

He also posted a few more videos of Zhuri, while she whacked the volleyball on her hands like a pro. He captioned the post, “my volleyball star in the making” on his instagram, displaying his pride to the world.

Zhuri looked adorable donning a blue jersey with a black-coloured boxer shorts. Her hair was neatly woven into braids. She appeared confident and ready on the court.

Many fans and spectators expected Zhuri to walk on LeBron's footsteps and practice basketball just like her two older brothers, Bronny and Bryce. However, she surprised everybody with a different sport.

It's adorable to watch Zhuri choosing her own path instead of getting into basketball just because of her dad's legacy. If she chooses to keep playing volleyball even after growing up, she'll have a bright future ahead.

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