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Doctor Claimed Shaquille O'Neal's Sleep Apnea Could Have Killed Him

By: Vivek Nair Image credit: NBA and Twitter

Lakers Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal has been one of the most dominant centers of all time thanks to his massive frame and physique.

O'Neal is 7 feet tall and weighs around 300 to 350 pounds. However, Shaq's enormous physique could have killed him during his career.

According to doctors, O'Neal was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is caused by the excessive fat in one’s body as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person's breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep, leading to oxygen deprivation and other health problems.

During an interview, O'Neal discussed how he used to snore loudly and wake up feeling exhausted, but didn't realize he had a serious medical condition until a doctor diagnosed him with sleep apnea.

And the doctors warned Shaq that if he did not adopt a healthier lifestyle, it would be fatal and could even lead to death.

"They give you those certain words: 'Hey man, you got sleep apnea and sleep apnea can cause hypertension or strokes, so you could die'.I said 'What?' and they said 'You could die'." O'Neal explained.

O'Neal is currently in better shape than he ever was throughout his NBA career. He recently uploaded a video on Instagram of him working out and flaunting his massive physique.

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