Custody Battle: NBA Star Damian Lillard & Estranged Wife Clash Over Kids

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Getty Images

Five days following his trade to the Milwaukee Bucks, Damian Lillard, who is entering the 12th season of his career and is currently undergoing speculations in relation to his personal life.

Damian and his wife Kay'La divorced this month citing irreconcilable differences leading to their separation as a married couple, but the two still remain together as parents.

Going after their separate ways, Kay'La went to stay in their West Linn home, worth $2.7 million, Damian, on the other hand, chose to stay back at their West Linn mansion with his kids.

Having experienced such sentiment on the matter, Kay'La, however, took up another surprise for her ex-husband with the news of her demand for sole custody of their three children.

According to Kay'la, "It is in children’s best interests that I be awarded sole custody. I am best positioned to address the ongoing needs of our children and have been responsible since birth.”

Elaborating on the reason, Kay'La went on to state Lillard’s absence on their children's lives from his busy-scheduled career and help Damian maintain the profile of a family man.

"I understand he is busy and has commitments he must attend to. He needs to continue with the image of a family man. Despite our separation, I have continued to support that image in the public.”

Figuring out ways to plan out parenting, Damian and Kay'La remain to settle down with a decision, keeping in mind the benefit of their children while proving a good environment for them.

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