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Cristiano Ronaldo Loses Temper After Loss

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit:Twitter

Al Nassr suffered their second loss since signing Cristiano Ronaldo on Thursday as they lost 1-0 to Al-Ittihad, their rivals for the Saudi Pro League championship. 

Ronaldo was held by a defense that has been let down six times in this season. In extra time, he did deliver a strong left-footed strike that compelled the Al-Ittihad goalkeeper to make a stop. 

In the league this season, neither team has lost before the match on Thursday. However, in Al Nassr's second game for the club in the Saudi Super Cup in January, they had also lost to Al-Ittihad.

After the last blow, Ronaldo was clearly furious. Players from Al-Ittihad celebrated in front of their supporters as he rushed off the field, muttering angrily at himself and his teammates.

However, Ronaldo became even more angry when crowds of supporters started taunting him as he left the field by shouting Lionel Messi's name.

The former Real Madrid forward snapped and angrily kicked a water bottle near the dugout. His act of arrogance was followed by more taunts. 

Prior to storming off the field, Ronaldo did make sure to applaud the Al Nassr supporters. He posted a message to Al Nassr's fans via social media after regaining control of his situation. 

He wrote, "Disappointed with the result, but we stay focused on our season and the games ahead. Thank you Al Nassr fans for your support, we know we can count on you!" on social media.

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