Jake Paul Reveals His Next Opponent

By: Shreya Jha  Image Credit: UFC

The internet sensation Jake Paul may have found his next opponent for his next professional boxing match.

The YouTuber turned professional boxer recently defeated former UFC legend, Anderson Silva, in an 8-round bout.

Paul's next opponent is going to be a fellow internet sensation and probably the most controversial name this year, Andrew Tate.

Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotion posted a video on their socials where Paul and Tate were face to face against each other in the gym.

Paul has confirmed that his fight against the founder of Hustler's University is under negotiations.

Tate has been a combat sports fighter in the past and is now ready to enter the professional boxing ring against "The Problem Child".

Paul has already made a name for himself in the professional boxing circuit by regularly beating MMA fighters. He is currently unbeaten with 6 wins.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate are known for their large following on social media. Their encounter guarantees packed arena and huge amount of Pay-Per-View buys.

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