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Chris Rock Talks About Serena Williams in Controversial Netflix Special

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

Recently, the renowned comedian Chris Rock pointed out Serena Williams’ example of becoming the greatest in the tennis world while expressing a conflicting opinion about what attention means to him.

In a live stand-up performance on Netflix, Chris revealed many details concerning the Will Smith scandal. He also spoke about how some people crave attention, and others earn it in the form of respect for their excellent skills and hard work.

He made a sarcastic reference to the American tennis legend, Serena Williams. He spoke and bashed about all the  online attention seekers who avoid hard work but crave attention. 

He said, “The easiest way to get attention is to be excellent. That’s like Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player to ever play the game." 

"Being excellent will get you attention. But it’s hard being the excellent one among others. You’ve got to get up in the morning. you’ve got to work out and  practice,” mockingly said Chris. 

Rock had previously admired how the William sisters impacted sports history despite being people of color in a sport with a majority of white athletes.

A documentary on the famous Williams sisters' duo was published in 2013. The documentary was solely made about the legendary sisters' journey on the tennis court. Chris Rock appreciated it and spoke kind words about them.

Rock was also impressed by the way the William sisters portrayed themselves in the documentary and throughout their real-life lives. He mentioned how both of them dominate tennis world. 

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