Check Out the Top 5 Unknown Facts About NBA Prospect Victor Wembanyama

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: Getty Images

Making his mark as one of the top draft prospects this season as part of the Spurs 1st overall pick, 19-year-old Victor Wembanyama is yet to make his NBA debut in the upcoming regular season games.

Besides his prominence in the league, the youngsters have some hidden and unknown facts about him relating to both his professional and personal life before making his entrance into the NBA.

The Spurs power forward and center is said to have an interest in reading specifically the science fiction genre, besides Star Wars, art and literature, preferably before sleeping at night.

Beyond the basketball court, one can spot Wembanyama showing off his drawing and writing skills, as revealed by him during an interview at the AXE Euro Tour for the U18 French team selection.

As stated by him, “I feel like I’m an artist on and off the court. I love thinking about a lot of things and working to get an art piece done. I love drawing. I love building Legos. I love writing.”

One of the unknown facts about Victor is his love for art galleries. The Spurs player enjoys his visit to his favorite exhibits, spending off his time besides the basketball court.

Comparing his love for art and basketball, Victor states, "Each line, each dot [on a clipboard playbook], is a pass or a basket during a game. Every game is an artwork in and of itself."

Prior to his NBA draft, Wembanyama's dominance in the youth league held quite prominence, including his performance at the 2016 European Championship as part of the U16 French national team.

Besides his versatility on court, Victor is quite affluent in different languages, including English, which he learned in middle school, Lingala, and his native language, French.

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