Check Out the Top 5 NBA Stars With the Most Championship Rings

By: Fatima Roshni Image credit: X

Be it any franchise, or its players, the NBA Finals game of any season has always held equal weight and importance for each individual as part of the game securing a championship win for the team.

A championship win for any team has always been credited to its players with their individual performance and skills as an addition to its career achievement, benefiting later in the season.

From current NBA stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry to former players of Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, these players have achieved much success donning their respective championship rings.

With six championships, former Bulls partnership of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen holds prominence, besides Boston Celtics underrated star Bob Cousey and Lakers former star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The next list includes players with 7 championship rings, such as Boston Celtics, former teammates Jim Loscutoff, and Frank Ramsey, and also Los Angeles Lakers former star Robert Horry.

Donning eight championship rings are former Boston Celtics star, including 1956 draftees Tom Heinsohn and K.C. Jones, 1960 draftee Tom Sanders, and last but not least, 1962 draftee John Havlicek.

Creating milestone as part of the Boston Celtics franchise, 1957 drafted shooting guard Sam Jones achieved his 10 championship feat under 12-season span of his career, including 5 All-Stars.

Also, a part of the Boston Celtics family, former NBA star Bill Russell, with a prominent 13-season career and 11 championship titles, is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players.

Both the Lakers and the Boston Celtics, however, remain tied and undefeated while carrying 17 championship titles, followed by the Gby theden State Warriors with just 7 championship titles.

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