Check Out the Businesses Owned by NBA Legend Michael Jordan

By: Anannya Mitra Image credit: NBA and Twitter

Over the course of his career, Michael Jordan has amassed a fortune worth $3.5 billion. His riches are derived from various sources, including his NBA salary, endorsement deals, and business endeavors.

Recently, Jordan handed over his majority ownership in the Hornets to Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall & became a minority owner. This sale worth $3 billion has majorly contributed to his net worth.

Michael generated a revenue of $1.8 billion from brand partnerships with Nike, Hanes, and Gatorade. Since most of his wealth flows from endorsements, it renders him as the wealthiest athlete of all times.

Jordan has earned nearly $1 billion from his partnership with Nike. Air Jordan, his signature shoe line, earned $5.1 billion in 2022, with Jordan garnering a purported 5% of that revenue.

Apart from his endorsement ventures, Jordan and NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin share ownership of the NASCAR team 23XI. The team reportedly holds a worth of $150 million, as of now.

Michael is the owner of tequila brand named Cincoro with four other NBA owners, Wes Edens, Jeannie Buss, Wyc Grousbeck, and Emilia Fazzalari. The premium tequila brand had 1.5 million units distributed nationally.

Jordan is also an advisor at DraftKings, an enterprise specializing in sports betting. As of now, DraftKings garners an economic valuation of $11.8 billion.

There's no doubt Michael Jordan was a phenomenon in his prime. His impeccable skills in basketball mixed with his business mastermind resulted in him being the richest NBA player out there.

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