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Brand New WWE Titles- Triple H’s Big Plans To Add New Titles Leaked On Social Media

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits : WWE

Triple H’s plans to introduce new title designs for certain championships seem to be going ahead after new title designs were leaked online.

Xero news on Twitter shared the leaked images of the WWE World Championship and The WWE tag-team championship on Friday.

Xero news also said that they are not sure if the leaked images of the titles are the final product as some more changes can happen before it appears on TV.  

Fans are excited after seeing the new championship designs on social media as the current title designs received a lot of criticism due to their lack of difference in design.

It is unclear when the new head of creative is planning to introduce the new belts into the company but the leaked images have shown that there is a plan to make the change.

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Some fans on social media claimed that those titles are not made by the WWE and it was the work of a fan who makes custom championship belts.

The reality is unclear as of now but hopefully, we will get an update on the situation in the coming days as WWE is planning huge changes heading into the Mania season.

The current holders of the tag team and World championships are the Bloodline’s Roman Reigns and The Usos and whether they will get new titles is something to wait and see.

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