Andrew Tate Challenged to a UFC Fight by His New Rival

By: Alok Nayak Image courtesy:  Twitter

The rivalry between internet sensation, Andrew Tate and Logan Paul has become more personal after Tate's recent comments.

Andrew Tate, who claims to be a clean athlete, recently said that Logan Paul is definitely on steroids.

The YouTuber turned WWE star, Logan Paul responds to Andrew Tate's disrespectful comments in his recent appearance on Sean O'malley's podcast.

Logan Paul, who is facing Roman Reigns for the WWE undisputed title, has an exciting proposal for Andrew Tate.

"Steroids? How the f**k did you think I've passed every drug test I've ever done?"- Logan Paul said in response to steroids accusations

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"I don't like you. I want to f**k you up. Let's step into the f***g octagon brother. An MMA fight, Me vs Tate in the UFC."- Logan Paul

Logan Paul has entertained the idea of competing in UFC before. Even though Dana White does not entertain celebrity fights he might make an exception for Paul.

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion. On the other hand, fighting Floyd Mayweather in boxing ring is Logan Paul's biggest achievement.

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