99 Lashes to Cristiano Ronaldo for “Adultery” at Iran?

By: Aizaz Iqbal Image credit: X

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran due to an innocent hug and kiss exchanged with the Iranian painter Fatima Hamimi during his visit to Iran for the Asian Champions League. 

While he was in Iran for a match versus Persepolis in the ACL group stage, the fans greeted him with gifts, including soccer player paintings by artist Fatima Hamimi.

She paints using her feet as she is 85% paralyzed. The Al-Nassr captain exchanged hugs and kisses which is considered adultery in the Iranian court of law when involving a woman who's not your wife.

If Ronaldo shows remorse for his actions, his 99 lashes may be reduced. The knowledge concerning the situation is based on media reports, and Ronaldo hasn't made any formal statements.

According to Sharq Emorz, an Iranian television network, the punishment will be served by the time Ronaldo returns to Iran in the future.

However, the Iranian Embassy in Madrid has released a statement on these claims against Ronaldo: "We strongly deny the issuance of any sentence against any international athlete in Iran." 

The Embassy stated on behalf of the country and sporting authorities: "His sincere and humane meeting with Fatemeh Hamami was also praised and admired by both the people and the country's sports authorities."

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