By: Aniket Makhija

63-Year-Old WWE Legend's Honest Opinion on Triple H's Work in WWE

Image Credit: WWE

Kevin Nash is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who retired from the ring in 2020 due to injuries and health concerns.

During an episode of Kevin’s podcast, ‘Kliq This’, he talked about the work Triple H has done for WWE.

Kevin showed a lot of admiration for "The Game" and praised Triple H for the dedication he brings to WWE.

When talking about Triple H’s qualifications and success, he mentioned that Triple H loves his job but also the industry.

He said, “He absolutely loves the industry… When was the last time WWE storytelling had anything that could touch the emotion with the Sami Zayn situation?”

He also talked about what he anticipates for the future of WWE and what Triple H will produce for WWE.

He said, “When he first took over and I just said he’s got a blank canvas.” appraising the work of Triple H.

He further said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing what Paul paints, and he f***ing — I mean, I think it’s a work of art.”

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