$500 Million Rich Dana White’s Children and What Do They Do?

By: Alok Nayak Image credit: UFC & Twitter

UFC president, Dana White has earned the crown of the greatest fight promoter in combat sports with years of hard work.

UFC is now the leading fight promotion in MMA, which is home to many global superstars such as Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya and more.

Dana White has been very public about his personal life. However, he has not been very vocal about his wife, Anne Stella White.

Dana White  reportedly tied the knot with Anne Stella White in 1996. The UFC president has three children with Anne Stella White.

Dana White has two sons named  Dana III and Aidan and one daughter named Savannah White, who is 17 years old.

The UFC president's eldest son Dana White III plays for University of San Diego’s Football Team while Aidan Charles White is an amateur boxer.

Dana White wanted to be a boxer before he started his journey in the UFC. And it's needless to say that White will be happy to see his son make an impact in the boxing world.

UFC president, Dana White is certainly one of the richest men in combat sports with a net worth of over $500 million.

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