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5 Times Rey Mysterio Showed His Real Face 

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio is one of the most cherished and celebrated WWE superstars of all time. His finisher 619 showcased the great flexibility and aerobic skills he possessed like none other.

Mysterio is a three-time WWE world champion and a two-time WWE intercontinental champion. He is also the 2006 Royal Rumble winner.

However, the mystery behind Rey's real face intrigued fans the most, as at times they were desperate to know what was behind the mask, and Rey's rivals obliged them by unraveling it 5 different times.

The first time fans witnessed Rey's real face was when Eddie Guerrero interrupted Mysterio's match against Maleno and later unmasked him in 1997.

The same guy did it twice: in 2005, Eddie stabbed Rey in the back and started beating him, which was followed by a humiliating face reveal by his friend-turned-foe.

Kevin Nash was also responsible for revealing Rey's real face. He was playing a backstage creative role in WCW when he pushed Rey to unmask after Rey and Konnan took on The Outsiders at SuperBrawl 9.

Chris Jericho was also responsible for projecting Rey's real face to the audience since he ripped off Mysterio's face during a match, which also aided him to execute his finisher and win the match.

The most recent Rey Mysterio face reveal occurred when Randy Orton humiliated him by taking off the mask after the match and carrying it as a symbol of victory.

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