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$200 Million Fight! Andrew Tate Aims For History Against Logan Paul

By: Alok Nayak

Image credit: YouTube

A potential fight between Logan Paul and Andrew Tate looks certainly possible as both internet celebrities go back and forth.

Recently, Logan Paul called out Andrew Tate to a MMA fight inside the UFC octagon, which will be a neutral territory for both.

However, internet sensation, Andrew Tate has his own conditions to fight pro boxer and WWE superstar, Logan Paul

"For me to fight it would have to be personal beef. There are a few people on the internet who I dislike enough to do that."- Andrew Tate said

Andrew Tate made it clear that he does not want to fight Logan Paul in the USA. He also claims that the fight is going to be a 100-200 million dollar deal.

"I'm the A side not him. Everyone cares about me not him. It would have to be my promotion, my conditions, fighting here in Dubai somewhere neutral."

Andrew Tate has previously accused Logan Paul of steroids, which did not sit well with the WWE superstar who recently fought Roman Reigns.

On the other hand, Andrew Tate is a former world champion in kickboxing, who claims to be a Clean athlete.

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