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For a long time, Michael Bisping carried the flag of the UK in MMA. And after him, the responsibility to represent the UK in MMA lies on the shoulder of Darren Till.

The Gorilla, Darren Till is one of the most beloved fighters in UFC right now thanks to his exciting fighting style and persona outside the octagon. He is as real as it gets. He is funny, brutally honest, humble, and cocky at the same time. Darren Till is one of the young fighters in UFC who has the potential to achieve legendary status.

Darren “The Gorilla” Till

Coming from Liverpool, Darren Till started training in Muay Thai when he was only 12 years old. After a nasty altercation that led him to get stabbed twice in the back, Darren Till was forced to go to Brazil where he continued working on his skills to be a phenom in kickboxing. Till is unbeaten in his kickboxing career with 44 wins and 33 knockouts.

Darren Till Net Worth and Salary

Although Darren Till has not won any UFC title, he has been the part of a co-main event in Madison Square Garden. He was also the main event of a huge card on UFC Fight Night. Darren Till has earned close to $913,000k from his UFC fights. He earned $100,000k for his title fight against Tyron Woodley. He earned $120,000k for his fight against Kelvin Gastelum and $130,000k for his fight against Robert Whittaker.

Darren Till made his MMA debut against Luciano Oliveira in 2013 at Sparta MMA. Till made his UFC debut against Wendell Oliveira in 2015. Darren Till beat some of the top welterweights in UFC such as Stephen Thompson and Donald Cerrone before fighting for the title.

Darren Till suffered the first loss of his MMA career against Tyron Woodley. He would then suffered a devastating knock out loss to Jorge Masvidal. However, Till has changed his fortune after moving up to the middleweight division. Till beat the former middleweight title contender Kelvin Gastelum on his middleweight debut.

Darren Till Achievements

The Gorilla has fought for the UFC welterweight title against Tyron Woodley at a very early stage of his MMA career. He has won two fight of the night bonuses and one performance of the night bonus in his UFC career. He was the co-main event of the MSG card(UFC 244) alongside Kelvin Gastelum.

Darren Till Best Wins

The Gorilla has fought in the UFC welterweight and middleweight division since his UFC debut. His biggest wins in UFC are against Donald Cerrone, Stephen Thompson, and Kelvin Gastelum.

Darren Till Losses

Till has three losses in his UFC career. He has lost to former champions such as Robert Whittaker, and Tyron Woodley. He has one KO loss in his record and that was against the BMF, Jorge Masvidal.

Darren Till Endorsements

Till has launched his clothing line Rawdog and it has received a massive response from the fight fans.

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