Editorial Guidelines

At Sportsmanor.com, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of editorial integrity in all our published content. Our Content Leads, Editors, and Journalists operate within a rigorous system of checks and balances and ensure that every piece undergoes multi-leveled scrutiny and checks, guaranteeing unbiased, unopinionated, and unadulterated content for our readers.

Sportsmanor strictly adheres to universally accepted Editorial Standards, as outlined in this document, which serves as the cornerstone of our operations.

These guidelines not only define the standards for our platform but also align with our vision and the values we aim to promote within the industry. Evident in our content, Sportsmanor.com is dedicated to principles such as ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Public Interest.’ Given our substantial presence in delivering online content, we recognize the responsibilities that come with our privilege and remain committed to being accountable for the trust placed in us by our audience.


At Sportsmanor.com, our content creation process begins with a careful and thorough selection of sources. We believe in delivering information that is not only reliable but also insightful and relevant to our readers. To achieve this, we follow a stringent approach:

Source Verification: We take pride in our commitment to journalistic integrity. Before crafting content for our audience, we undertake rigorous efforts to verify the accuracy of information gathered from the vast expanse of the internet and social media. Only verified and credible information makes its way into our content.

Internal Guidelines: Our internal content creation guidelines set the standard for how we use sources. We aim to provide authentic, timely, and resourceful content that caters to the needs of our audience. Choosing the right sources is an essential part of this process.

Citing and Crediting: In the realm of quality journalism, proper citation and crediting of sources are paramount. This becomes especially critical when primary sources are not directly involved. Our ‘Editorial Leadership’ collaborates closely with our content creators throughout this process to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of credibility and transparency. Our dedication to excellence in journalism is reflected in our rigorous approach to sourcing, as well as our commitment to delivering content that informs and engages our valued readers.


At Sportsmanor.com, we hold the utmost commitment to the ethical principles of journalism, and plagiarism is unequivocally contrary to these principles. Plagiarism, which involves replicating someone else’s ideas, processes, results, or words without proper acknowledgment or prior
authorization from the original author and source, is deemed unacceptable in our organization. We are steadfast in our determination to eradicate plagiarism from all aspects of our content creation process. This is achieved through a multifaceted approach:

1. Comprehensive Internal Policies: Our editorial team has formulated robust internal policies that serve as the cornerstone of our commitment to journalistic integrity. These policies establish clear guidelines and expectations regarding plagiarism, leaving no room for ambiguity.

2. ‘Quality Control’ Mechanism: We have implemented a bespoke ‘Quality Control’ mechanism designed specifically to detect and prevent plagiarism. This system employs industry-leading tools and meticulous editorial evaluations to ensure that our content is entirely free from any form of plagiarism.

3. Editorial Oversight: Our editorial team plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of journalism. They oversee the content creation process, conducting thorough checks and ensuring that all sources are appropriately credited, and that originality is maintained.

In summary, Sportsmanor.com is resolute in its stance against plagiarism. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering original, high-quality content to our readers, upholding the integrity of journalism, and giving due credit to the creators of the ideas and information we share.


In the ever-evolving landscape of modern journalism, Social Media has emerged as a powerful tool. At Sportsmanor.com, we recognize the transformative potential of Social Media while also embracing the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to harnessing the positive aspects of this interpersonal medium in today’s world. Whether it’s sourcing information or engaging with our audience, we pledge to uphold the highest standards.

Our approach to Social Media is guided by a set of strict and conscientious principles:

1. Best Practices in Sourcing: Just as in traditional journalism, we apply stringent guidelines when using Social Media as a source of information. We verify the authenticity and credibility of information before incorporating it into our content.

2. Responsible Content Creation: As Sportsmanor continues to gain prominence in the Sports Media industry, our journalists and content creators naturally become influential figures in the Social Media sphere. They represent the ethos of Sportsmanor.com, and as such, they are expected to adhere to the best practices of responsible social media use. This includes being respectful, unbiased, and accountable for their online presence.

3. Zero Tolerance for Harassment: Our editorial guidelines explicitly prohibit any form of harassment on social media platforms. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for both our content creators and our audience. In summary, at Sportsmanor.com, we view Social Media as a potent force for good, and we are committed to utilizing it responsibly. We aim to set an example of ethical and respectful behavior in the digital sphere, ensuring that our online presence aligns with the high standards of journalism and professionalism that define our organization.


Our content publishing policy is firmly rooted in the principles of upholding and respecting United Nations policies. Here is a point-wise description of our commitment:

Adherence to International Standards: We align our content creation and publishing practices with the international standards and policies established by the United Nations. This ensures that our content promotes global values and principles.

Human Rights: We prioritize human rights in our content. This means that we refrain from publishing any content that promotes discrimination, violence, or any form of human rights violation, as per the guidelines set by the United Nations.

Sustainability: Sustainability is a key aspect of United Nations policies. We incorporate sustainability principles in our content, whether it’s related to environmental conservation, social responsibility, or economic development.

Conflict Resolution: We actively support and promote United Nations efforts in conflict resolution and peacekeeping. Our content reflects a commitment to peaceful dialogue and resolution of conflicts.

Gender Equality: We endorse and uphold United Nations policies on gender equality. Our content reflects a commitment to gender-sensitive language, representation, and promotion of women’s rights.

Global Health: In line with United Nations initiatives, we provide accurate and reliable information on global health issues, promoting the organization’s goals related to healthcare access and disease prevention.

International Cooperation: We emphasize the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges. Our content highlights the significance of collaboration between nations and regions as per United Nations principles.

Educational and Informative: Our content serves as a platform to educate and inform our audience about various United Nations policies, initiatives, and goals. We strive to raise awareness and understanding of these policies.

Non-Bias and Objective Reporting: We maintain a non-bias and objective approach in our reporting, in accordance with United Nations standards for fair and accurate journalism.

Continuous Alignment: Our commitment to respecting United Nations policies is an ongoing process. We regularly review and align our content publishing practices with any new developments or changes in United Nations policies.

By adhering to these principles and integrating United Nations policies into our content publishing policy, we aim to contribute positively to the global discourse and support the organization’s mission for a better world.

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